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Our Story

Woolwich Polytechnic Lodge No. 3578

It was the objective of the Founders of the Lodge to promote Masonic teachings and principles among past, present and future students and staff of the Woolwich Polytechnic Institution and Woolwich Polytechnic Athletic Club, and to give them continued interest in Polytechnic life and work. Whilst the initial impetus came from staff, students and members of the Woolwich Polytechnic, the strength of the Lodge has come about by current members recognising the need to include people from all professions and occupations.

Our Lodge The Woolwich Polytechnic Lodge undoubtedly has a long and very interesting history in Freemasonry which it vigorously maintains. However, our Members fully understand, that to continue to grow and prosper, there is a need to attract new members across a range of ages, who will continue to take the Lodge forward into the future. We, together with other lodges in the West Kent Province, continue to look at opportunities to modernise our meetings, both in terms of Lodge meeting times, recognising that working people cannot always make meetings requiring half day absences from their workplace, and also how the masonic ritual may be improved without taking away the basic principles and tenets on which Freemasonry is based. Members of The Woolwich Polytechnic Lodge pride themselves on the ability to work with new members by encouraging them, answering questions and generally mentoring them throughout the early days of their masonic career through to them becoming active and senior members of the Lodge.


a very active charitable foundation

Charitable Foundation

As is the custom with most Masonic Lodges, we have a very active charitable foundation and support both national and local appeals, in particular the Greenwich and Bexley Hospice and TLC, which provides teddy bears for children in hospital. One of our highlights each year is the Annual Raft Race, which takes place in September, on the River Thames at Greenhithe. Contestants come from all over and do not have to be members of lodges, although all money raised is for charity. The Woolwich Polytechnic are proud to say we have won the race on numerous occasions and compete every year. All new members who feel active and courageous enough are invited to join in. 

Remebrance Day
Rededicated for Remebrance day 2023
Memorial Gates restored

Remembrance Day

The gates are being rededicated by the local council in 2023 to remember those that died in the first and Second World War. lorem malesuada auctor nullam corper placerat feugiat eros pede varius nisi viverra felis nunc purus fermentum tincidunt.

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